Fortress Defense

Fortress Defense, a fun and action-packed Tower Defense game, is with you.

An excellent Tower Defense game completely free with a total of 100 different levels, 5 archers, 15 enemies, upgradeable characters and castles.

You can strengthen your characters and the castle from the "Shop" menu. If you wish, you can tactically place archers in the game. If you think the archers will not be enough, you can add additional soldiers to your castle for additional "exp". You can also defeat the enemies with 3 different extra bonuses. With "Forzen" you can kill the enemy thanks to the ice floes, with "Poison" you can poison the enemies, with "Lighting" you can destroy the enemies by creating a lightning effect.


This fun tower defense game Fortress Defense is produced by completely free of charge.

Good games.


Use mouse or touch pad to play this game.